Grame - Virtual games framework

Virtual gaming is vital business of our company. I felt we could do it better so I took task on myself  to examine and try to bring better solution for Games component.
Grame Next6
next6 grame
Problems I wanted to solve
I divided all problems needed to be solved into two categories. Development and integration
  • Easier and faster integration
  • Developers could focus less on integration but more on optimization
Playing experience
  • Provided similar experience for all of our games, so games are now easier to play at first sight. Also if you played one game you know how to play all of them.
  • Playing multiple games. This directly affects on earnings of our clients
  • easier update to all of clients
The project was finihed in colaboration with one more visual designer who polished design in smallest details, since I had to work on other projects. I think, soon, this will become standard for showing virtual and casino games in betting industry.

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I’m Josip Vrbic, a multi-disciplinary designer based in Mostar, BiH. I specialise in creating functional and beautifull interfaces and building great digital experiences.

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